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Sutherland Construction Ltd. is a small, Ottawa-based home renovation company led by Derek Sutherland McNaughton. Derek specializes in providing high-quality craftsmanship at low cost. Quality means every job, no matter how small, must be perfect — perfectly square, plumb or level, perfectly cut and trimmed or mitered with no gaps, spaces or messy finishes — perfectly true to plan.

If it’s not perfect, it’s not done. Only perfect will do.

With several years of carpentry and construction experience, Sutherland Construction Ltd. would be happy to complete any of the following for your home or property:

• Updates and repairs to homes — from full bathroom or kitchen renovations to full basements
• Demolition, framing, structural
Decks, fences, gates, pergolas – click here for detail
• Baseboard trim, crown moldings, casings, other window and door trim
• Free-standing or built-in cabinets, TV units, bookcases or shelving units
• Window and door installation
• Insulation, drywall, painting
• Minor plumbing, including sinks, taps and toilets
• Minor electrical, including lights, outlets and fixtures
• Tree removal service

Call 613-301-4939 or send an email to:

See below for a selection of previously completed projects.


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